Strategy to Expand Broadband & Applications in Victoria County

Victoria County will be revising and updating its broadband strategy for 2016-2019.  In March 2016, the County requested the help of residents to complete an online broadband strategy to determine the needs and interests of residents & businesses in the County.  The results of the broadband survey are available at this link. In brief, there are more users on the internet, more devices in the home and more bandwidth required thanks to HD Videos, Internet TV, live streaming etc.  The broadband speed in Victoria County has not changed since 2006-2008 and there is a real need to increase Broadband speed in the Broadband Strategy.

Meetings have been held with internet service providers and it is expected the Victoria County's Broadband Strategy 2016-2019 will be presented to council in late fall. Victoria County has its own Broadband website which provides the latest news and updates on Broadband.